The Analborn One

by BloodAss

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First album of Bloodass


released January 23, 2017



all rights reserved


BloodAss Finland

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Track Name: Second Foreskin
Burning pleasure, ripping rectum
My anal born son
The birth of thou was beautiful
Rejoice your creator

You are born love world
Choke their fetus in your cum
As you grow, you will see

The power of cock in thee
So go my child and rape every child you see
Spread their rectum till they bleed
For you have the


So my journey begins
I will choke world with my
second foreskin
Track Name: Pussyass
My papa never told me, there was something wrong with me
My cock is never alone, it always has great company

I can fill my both holes with my creamy tasty cum
The penis hole now gapin, the days of joy have began

Stuffing my cunt with cock, i scream out misery
The veins on my cock remind me of my own papas dong
But my cum tastes better than my old mans cream
Even tho im three years old, i love to please

Pussy ass colliding
in cunt

Now my balls are tangled in pussy
O, they are stuck but it feels so good
Clitoris bleeding like a stabbed pig
I lick my bloody fingers and finger more

My thumb very special, i'll save it for my ass
Smell of shit, lifes elixir, my first orgasm on bathroom floor
Track Name: Little Pussies Scissoring
I hate when friends wont shave their vaginas
Now that i am 5 years old, i developed my kinky taste

Pussy juice doesnt fit with milk, especially in the toilet
my ass keeps itching, im pretty sure i have AIDS

I tried to scratch my rectum, but i made a mistake
Before i knew it my fist was in my friends cunt
She bled out quietly but i couldnt stop scissoring her
She started to smell bad but i kinda liked it.
Track Name: Anal Overdose
Drowning in pussy
Drowning in ass
Drowning in diarrhea pussyass
Track Name: Omnipresent Rape Machine
Scanning scene, in the city tonight
Another pregnant whore, im so bored of those
I want some fresh ass, like some fat fuck
Then i saw it, a real fat fuck with a triple chin

I raped him in the alley, everything was going fine
but then i wanted my pussy stuffed
I grabbed his cock, and shoved it in my cunt
It ejaculated like an elephant
I think im pregnant now
and then i vittu killed him
Track Name: Stitching Up the Cunt
I dont want you to come out
You filthy little shit
You filthy fucking whore
You fucking parasite, i kill you in my own womb
I cant have orgasms with your shitty fucking being inside me
I'd love rip you out of my vajayjay
But im smart, i have a better idea
I will lock you inside
Im stitching my cunt up
So you cant escape
Drown in my pussy juice
Hang yourself with my umbilical cord
Your suffering will be my lullaby
Track Name: Revelation of Flesh
Only now i realise how beautiful you are
You fucking fuck parasite
Y th, o' ass so tight
I'd love to that taste ass, and so i will
My baby baby boy

As i penetrate you, i now realize
This is what my papa told me about
Younger the cunt, better the feel
Now i know what i must do

To the kindergarden i'll go
There i'll find my kind
As a teacher i shall feel
The tightiest pussy still alive

To the kindergarden i shall go
There i will find my kind
My future awaits me,
My erection is overwhelming
Track Name: Kindergarden Rapeparty
I start from the smallest one
Blood starts to spill
as i move to the second one,
The orgasm draws near

Warm semen starts to fly
I laugh out of excitement
But then the truth hits me
This infant shit aint my thing

What i need is an old hairy cunt
Track Name: Grandmother Pussy Asphyxiation
Young whore screaming, stunned from behind
Inhaling the squirt, cunthole gaping like grave
Drought cunt unthirsted by barbwired knife
Cleansing, crying, grinding the place you called womb
I need more

Park the van at nursing home, my place to look for score
My cock wont feel those filthy fucking whores anymore
And then i see retired lady taking off her bra, blood
fills my cock as i rush to the door

Now ringing her doorbell, the love of my life
Grandmas rectum cookie and cunthole in my maggoted whipped cream

Kick her gut to force her down
The load still growing in my pants as i
shove my fist in analcunt, her eyes start to shine
She says ''O boy you got the moves, my cunt demands your blues''
She grabs my head, like a bear, and chokes me with her rotting cuntcave

Grandmother pussy asphyxiation